Chair-based exercises at the Centre


Every Tuesday starting from 1.15pm – 2.15pm

FREE Chair-based exercise classes here at the Horwich Community Centre (Funded by Horwich Town Council)

Benefits of Chair Based Exercise:

*Increased flexibility and strength. Bone density and muscles weaken as we get older so it is important to gently exercise to keep active and maintain strength.

*Increased coordination. Learning a routine and the repetitive nature of the exercises can also be good for dementia patients. The exercises also help with posture and straight alignment of the spine.

*Increased circulation. This also means a faster healing of injuries and wounds, faster sickness recovery time, greater lung capacity and much easier mobility.

*Reduced risk of falls because chair based exercises improve posture and balance. Balance can be affected by medication as well. Falling and injuring yourself when elderly, has an longer recovery time and can be a chain reaction type of injury. To reduce this risk is therefore key in elderly healthcare.

*Increased confidence and self esteem. Sometimes elderly people lose confidence, particularly after a fall and gentle exercise as part of a group activity can help bring that back.

Suitable for those over 60 / as part of your physio recovery / those that have suffered from Stroke 

Please note these sessions are not one to one so will be unable to provide assistance to individuals. 

No need to book. Donations gratefully welcomed to continue to provide these sessions. 

For more information call 01204 668157 / or contact Seniorcise