Terms & Conditions

Horwich Community Centre
Beaumont Road, Horwich, Bolton

Hire Terms & Conditions


  • “the Centre” shall mean the Horwich Community Centre
  • The hirer shall mean the person who has signed the Booking Form
  • The premises shall mean the areas of the Horwich Community Centre which the hirer has agreed to hire 
  • The Council’s Community Centre Sub-Committee is responsible for the running and management of the Centre

Bookings and Payment 

  • All bookings must be made in writing or email using the Centre’s booking form. The Hirer shall not commence activities until the booking form is signed dated and returned to the Centre. 
  • The Centre may be booked as a single session or for a maximum of up to 12 months. All contracts must be renewed every 12 months 
  • All hire charges and deposits must be paid in advance, PRIOR to hire (only applicable to new bookings / single bookings) 
  • Provisional bookings will be held for 7 days only from date of enquiry. If a booking form and deposit are not received within 7 days, the provisional booking will be removed from the diary without further notice. 
  • Block bookers hire charges will be invoiced on the first day of each month. Payment must be made within 14 days of the invoice date and can be paid by cash, cheque (cheques to be made payable to Horwich Resource Centre) or BACS. If payment is not received within that time, a reminder will be sent. If payment is then not received within 30 days of the invoice date, a 50% surcharge will be implemented. Single booking hire charges should be paid in full at time of booking (NON-REFUNDABLE).
  • The Centre is hired per session on an hourly basis and must also include setting up time. The times to be confirmed at the time of booking. If a group arrives in advance or runs over and above reasonable time, an additional hourly charge will be made. 
  • The Hirer should complete a full risk assessment, including fire and health and safety risk, for all its activities and provide a copy to the Centre. The Centre can provide a form to use for this risk assessment. 
  • The hirer shall not sublet or assign the benefit of any permission to use the facilities hired.
  • Invoices can be paid during office hours to the Centre Administrator or through the caretakers during the evening but hirers do this at their own risk. 

Children’s Birthday Parties 

  • In addition to the hire charge, a returnable cash deposit of £40 must be made at the time of booking.
  • Refund of any deposit is at the discretion of the Community Centre Sub-Committee. Deposits will not be refunded if any damage has occurred to the Centre during the time of Hire. 
  • Birthday Party Bookings will be able to collect their deposit from the Centre’s Office on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9.15 am – 5.00pm. 


  • The charges applicable to any hire of the Centre shall be in accordance with the scale of charges issued and reviewed annually in April 
  • Voluntary/ non-income generated groups may apply to Horwich Town Council for assistance with room rental costs through the Voluntary groups financial assistance grants. 


  • Where the Centre is hired for a series of sessions, either party may cancel the booking by giving 30 days notice in writing/email, notice given verbally will not be accepted. If less than 30 days notice is given then the hirer will be liable for the full cost of that month. If the booking is cancelled by the Centre then the hirer shall only be entitled to recover any hire charges paid and Centre shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage suffered by the hirer. 
  • The hirer may temporarily suspend the booking by giving 30 days notice in writing/email. The Centre will close for usual activities on all Bank Holidays and over the Christmas period, although one off events may be organised over these periods. 
  • Adverse weather conditions: The hirer will only be liable for a refund in the event the Community Centre closes due to adverse conditions. It is not at the hirers discretion to deduct rent if they are unable to attend the Centre or their clients cancel. 
  • The Community Centre Sub-committee reserves the right to close the premises at any time for emergency or periodic maintenance. We will always try to give block bookers 30 day notice of closure. 
  • The Community Centre Sub-Committee reserve the right to change or amend the terms and conditions of hire at any time without prior notice.


  • Unless otherwise agreed, no items must be left at the Centre following the end of any session. Storage may be available on request and requests will be considered. 
  • The Centre reserves the right to request removal of equipment at any time giving a period of 2-week notice. If the equipment is not removed within the 2-week period, the Centre will dispose of such items.


  • The Centre is covered by Horwich Community Centre Public Liability Insurance. However, it is strongly recommended that individuals, clubs and organisations obtain their own Liability insurance. 
  • Individual/Group Liability Insurance Certificates must be shown and a copy held by the Centre. 
  • Items left or stored at the Community Centre are done so at the hirer’s own risk and the Community Centre take no responsibility for any loss or damage. 
  • The Community Centre Sub-committee reserves the right to cancel the booking if the hirer breaks any of the terms and conditions. 

Use of the premises 

  • The opening hours of the centre are 9am – 10pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 4pm Saturdays. 
  • Auctions are not permitted at the Centre.
  • No betting, gaming or lotteries shall take place on the premises, except that allowed by law and the hirer shall obtain any licence or certificate required, prior to booking the premises for such use. 
  • No smoke machines or any other equipment that may affect the sensors are allowed. If the fire alarms are triggered, the fire brigade will always attend and hirers and all users must evacuate the building. If a false alarm is caused by the hirer, then this would be in breach of the terms and conditions and any related costs will be charged to the hirer. 
  • Bouncy castles are prohibited from use in the Community Centre 
  • The hirer shall ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, orders and regulations, in particular, that relating to music, singing and dancing and the sale and supply of alcohol including applying for a temporary event notice.
  • It is not appropriate for anyone to change for fitness classes or change their baby/child in public view. Toilets and baby changing facilities are available and must be used. 
  • Kitchen facilities are not always available but the Centre will accommodate all groups where possible, Refreshments can be provided by staff at your request. 
  • Although the Centre does not have its own parking facilities, there is a car park opposite the Centre. Parking up the side road for entrance to Horwich Heritage Centre is not allowed, other than a drop off and pick up zone. 
  • With the exception of assistance dogs, no animals will be allowed on the premises. 
  • The hirer must ensure that the use of the Centre does not create a noise nuisance. Amplified music is allowed on the condition that the equipment would be at a reasonable level 
  • Aggressive, violent or other unacceptable behaviour towards our staff or other users of the Centre will not be tolerated, and instigators will be barred from using the Centre. 

Health and safety 

  • The hirer shall ensure that the capacity of the venue is not exceeded. The capacity stated for the rooms include any staff members or volunteers. 

 The Hall capacity: 100 people 

 The Meeting Room capacity: 40 people 

The Saddlery capacity: 40 people 

  • Centre equipment should only be set up and cleared away by the Centre staff.
  • It is the hirers responsibility to comply with current Food Hygiene rules and regulations. Any outside caterer contracted by the hirer, must also comply with current legislations
  • Fire exits must not be obstructed in any manner at all. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that the fire procedures displayed in the building are adhered to and to familiarise themselves with all fire exits. All staff are trained in the process to assist if evacuation is needed. 
  • Every group is required to have a fire register and have an evacuation plan.
  • All parents, minders and guardians are responsible for their children with regards to safety. Children must be accompanied to the toilet and any other part of the Centre. 
  • It is a requirement that all hirers/volunteers/carers working with children and vulnerable people should have clearance; and this will be put on file in the Centre.
  • CCTV is in place in the Centre for the safety of all users. No image will be retained for more than 31 days. 
  • In the event of an accident, there is a first aid box located in the kitchen should there not be a caretaker in the vicinity to help. There is also a defibrillator available in the reception area of the Centre.  
  • It is illegal to smoke inside the building or in the Centres courtyard. The use of e-cigs in the building is also prohibited. Hirers and users can smoke outside the FRONT of the building but not in the entrance to the Centre. 
  • Wiring or electrical equipment shall not be brought into the Centre without consent and all electrical equipment for use by members of the group must have a current safety test (PAT Tested). 
  • No alterations or additions shall be made by the hirer or any members of the group to the lighting, heating, fittings, fixtures of other arrangements in the Centre. The hirer must not bring into the Centre any furniture, fittings, temporary erection, plant or equipment without obtaining consent. 
  • No hazardous liquid substances or items that may be seen as a fire or safety risk are allowed. 

Data protection 

  • Details regarding your booking will not be shared with any other individuals not employed by Horwich Town Council. There is a GDPR policy in place should users wish to observe. 


  • The hirer shall indemnify the Centre and the Community Centre Sub-Committee against any claim for or in respect of accident to, loss of or damage sustained by any person or property at the Centre during such time as the Centre is in use by the hirer, except in cases of accident, loss or damage caused by the negligent act or default of an officer or servant of the Centre acting as such or insofar as this cannot be required under the Provision of the Unfair Terms Act 1977 
  • Any damage done to premises, fittings, conveniences, accessories, or any other property of the Centre during such times as it is used by the hirer and not arising from the act or default of an officer or servant of the Centre shall be made good at the expense of the hirer. 

Disclaimer – The Centre is in no way responsible for children or adults safety except if it is thought to be negligence on the part of the Centre, or its staff.

While the Centre is happy to assist with the promotion of an event or activity, they cannot be held responsible for attendance levels or failure. 

Should the hirer wish to make a complaint, please observe the Complaints Procedure attached. 

Revised on 22 February 2019

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